WIN 4 - Cups

Drying waxes

WIN 4 - Cups

Is highly concentrated this feature ensures high shining power on the paintwork. The water from the showerhead breaks down quickly and slides away, thanks to the water-repellent properties of the wax, to guarantee perfect drying even on out-sized vehicles. The product is free of mineral oils, leaves no residue on the brushes, tubes or floor and guarantees top performance with medium/hard water. Excellent for softened and/or osmotized water. WIN 4 – CUPS does not form a bothersome coating on glass or paintwork and has a pleasant fragrance. WIN4 – CUPS, like the entire WINNERLINE range, features cationic agents. These substances control the free anionicity and influence the pH, reducing it to ensure a high level of compatibility and consistency throughout the wash cycle. 

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